Indoor Air Quality
Air Filtration(Media Air)Clean, filtered air to your home!
Why whole house air cleaners
  • Air cleaner attaches to any forced air heating or cooling system
  • Incredible standard MERV 11* filtration rate
  • Maintain high efficiency levels of your HVAC Equipment
  • Help protect your family and home from airborne particulates, allergens, dust, and dander
  • Cleans the air in your entire home every time your heating or cooling system is on
  • Easy filter cartridge replacement
Why TechPure Air Cleaners
  • Sized for air handlers and furnaces
  • Reflectix® R-4.2 insulated cabinet and door
  • Low pressure drop (0.181" @ 492 FPM)
  • Upgradeable to MERV 15*
  • Utilizes standard size media
  • Includes duct/equipment mounting gasket and door cleaner
  • Easy filter size identifier printed on door label
  • Solid 22 gauge galvanized steel cabinet
Air Handlers
Size Replacement Filter
TT-MAC-1722 (22.125"D x 17"W x 6"H) TT-FM-1620 (16x20x4)
TT-MAC-2122 (22.125"D x 21"W x 6"H) TT-FM-2020 (20x20x4)
TT-MAC-2522 (22.125"D x 26"W x 6"H) TT-FM-2025 (20x25x4)

Air Filter Brochure
(PDF 287KB)

5-yr limited.